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Meet Some of Our Coaches and Trainers


Fitz Carty

Fitz Carty is an ICF-certified coach with over 1000 coaching hours with over 100 clients. He brings 45 years of leadership and business experience to his coaching engagements. Fitz has worked with successful clients in government service, Fortune 500 companies, small business, and medicine. His experience includes a diverse background in large and small business. He guides business leaders in strategy and business development, business planning and operational performance leading to profit growth.


Reed Kennedy

Retired as a Professor of Practice in Management at Virginia Tech. He began his career as a naval officer before entering his primary career in healthcare administration, where he served in senior executive roles in various hospitals for over 20 years. He then worked as a business consultant for the Small Business Development Center for the New River Valley at Radford University. Reed has extensive international business experience, including in North Macedonia.


Ron Poff

Ron Poff s a Professor of Practice at the College of Business at Virginia Tech and has nearly 30 years of new product development and international business development experience including strong global marketing, supply chain and operations management skills. Ron has worked with companies such as Pfizer and Newell-Rubbermaid and is the Co-Founder and Advising Partner for The PRIME Factory, a marketing and public relations agency.


Steve Skripak

Stephen Skripak  is currently Professor of Practice in Management at Virginia Tech, where he has taught courses including Management Consulting, Global Business Strategy, and Ethical Leadership. In his previous career in the business world, Skripak was a senior executive with divisions of three Fortune 500 companies, Capital One, Sara Lee Corporation, and General Electric. He has served in multiple roles as Chief Financial Officer in industries including banking, apparel, and food. 


Dael Dervishi

Dael Dervishi is a partner with Optima Legal & Financial in Tirana, Albania. He was the former Executive Director of the National Agency of Natural Resources in Albania and was the General Secretary for the Albanian Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Energy. Mr. Dervishi is also a McCain Institute certified trainer on leadership. In March 2018, Mr. Dervishi was elected to the Board of Directors of American Chamber of Commerce in Albania.


Sergej Zafiroski 

Sergej Zafiroski is the founder and CEO of Insider ID, an agency specialized in quantitative business research and advanced business analytics. In 2007, he began his professional career in the area of distribution of consumer goods. He went on to occupy several different positions in sales and business analytics prior to rebranding his company as a research agency. 


Jeff Lee

Jeffrey Lee has a Doctorate of Management in Environmental and Social Sustainability from Colorado Technical University. He provides environmental consulting for organizations that seek to improve their corporate social responsibility actions and mitigate their negative impact on the environment. Jeffrey is an action researcher that helps organizations reduce their carbon footprint and create appropriate environmental policies and procedures. He lives and works in North Macedonia.


Bleta Abdulai 

Bleta Abdulai is a marketing consultant with nearly 15 years of experience developing marketing strategies and marketing tools, carrying out successful marketing projects and activities and working with corporate clients. Has worked for several years for leading international advertising agencies and clients with direct responsibility for several high-level accounts such as The Coca-Cola Company and Nestlé. Experienced expert in digital and social media strategies, tools and technologies, she holds an MBA on management, specialized on creating effective social media strategies.


GeGe Beall 

GeGe Beall has worked in Human Resources and Organizational Development for her entire career. This includes serving  as Vice President of Organizational Development and Director of Human Resources at several HCA hospitals. GeGe has a  master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and is owner of Engaged@Work, where she helps companies  enhance their culture, which she feels is the key overall leadership, organization, & staff success. Certifications include  Fellow, American College of Healthcare Executives; Emotional Intelligence Coach; and Senior Professional in Human  Resources 


Lorent Meksi

Lorent Meksi has been a member of Efficient Capital Management, a US-based investment management firm, for over 17 years. He spent the last five years as the firm’s managing director and now advises Efficient in areas of investments and business strategy. Lorent is passionate about leadership and building great organizations. After spending over 20 years living and working in the US, he is now based out of Albania hoping to invest in the country’s next generation of business leaders. Lorent holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a BA in Computer Science and International Business from North Central College.


Katerina Zlatanovska Popova

Katerina Zlatanovska Popova is a Career Facilitator and Personal Coach. She is an entrepreneur and owner of portal where she writes articles for the Personal Development Section. She has actively worked in both formal and informal education with people of all ages for more than 17 years.

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